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Why Stacks was created and how it works.

This article covers:

Why Reinvent the Internet?

The internet provides an infrastructure for the World Wide Web, which enables social networks, electronic mail, instant messaging, distributed gaming, file sharing, video streaming, and much, much more…

The twenties are the wild years of your life. Living your best time and getting out of university into professional life. In case you are fortunate enough and have already figured out what you want to do in your life. You are good!!!

Else, you are still figuring out where…

You got an idea, you get excited about it. First and foremost you will be naming that idea. My idea revolved around community building “Celebrating people who make a community around an idea”. I named my website GeeksTrends.

The first step in making your idea reality is your online presence…

Initially, I was going to write about celebrating women in Tech. After brainstorming and looking at the bigger picture. I realized we do celebrate women in Tech, companies are investing, incentivizing women to work. Then, Where are things going wrong?

Being a woman I am attracted to fashion, being an…

Fig-1 Stacks Architecture

In my previous article, I have explained why Stacks was developed in the first place. DARPA designed the internet during the world war. Communication links were designed to be fault-tolerant. So, in any case, it should find a way to transfer the packet to the destination. This resulted in the…

How corporate world is leveraging distributed ledger technology? Hyperledger is the answer.

Hyperledger combines many existing technologies in a beautiful way that every day you are learning a new thing. Before getting yourself into hyperledger you should have some basic knowledge of OS, Shell scripting, Dockers, any general-purpose languages also domain knowledge of blockchains.

The article series will cover the following parts:

What are the shows of IT industry? What happens in these shows. How they are giving direction to the new startup ecosystem.

Public Speaking Workshop By WTM

One of my dreams is to get into the fashion industry of IT. In the tech ecosystem, new trends are emerging now and then. It’s a scary thought for IT professionals that his skill set will be outdated in the next 5-year. People say the Fashion industry is one to…


Money has no innate value; it is a concept that begins and ends with people. We use money every day in all its different forms, be it cash, plastic or digital. Whenever a person has money in their pocket, they value it in terms of what they can buy with…

Let’s start with understanding how traditional web or mobile applications interact with storage. Whenever a user logs in to an application, the application gets the user data from the remote storage provider and display it to the user. …


Blockchain Developer at MTBC. Love learning about Crypto World and new technologies. My website on my learning experience

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