My first Domain buying experience on GoDaddy

You got an idea, you get excited about it. First and foremost you will be naming that idea. My idea revolved around community building “Celebrating people who make a community around an idea”. I named my website GeeksTrends.

The first step in making your idea reality is your online presence. I started by making a new email address and obviously securing a domain name for my website.

Second Step: For this step, I visited GoDaddy famous domain name provider for websites. Luckily the domain name was available. Me being feeling lucky enough bought the domain name in an instant without thinking much about it.

GoDaddy domain ownership problem:

It was the first time me buying any Domain name. While buying the domain and making an email address, you will be facing a challenge owning your desired name. The whole domain name buying process went smoothly. The problem came when I realized I didn’t get any verification email on my account.

After that, I was checking my spam folder. Suddenly it struck me I have transferred ownership of domain name to the wrong email address due to typo. This made me devastated, thinking that someone has control over my domain name, and I won’t be able to have my ideal domain name.

Customer service

Luckily, GoDaddy customer support is available 24/7 as a chat feature. It took me three days to explain my problem to customer service.

Hi, I have an issue regarding the email verification process. While purchasing the domain name, I entered the wrong email address. Now, I can’t verify from that email. Other contact information is correct. What is the way around?

The problem lies here:

It takes almost 48 hours to transfer the ownership of the domain and it has to be verified by the domain name owner. If you don’t have access to ownership account you are screwed.

If you want to update the account user name, last name or email. It has to be authenticated by the email address of corresponding to the account. It makes sense if the account email was verified before it was created.


At the end of the day, I was a happy GoDaddy customer. I was able to get my domain name and bring up my website( Using GoDaddy auto-generating web tooling and web-hosting I was able to have a clue about what I want.

However, for a newbie it’s not so cool it doesn’t give them space for the mistakes. The problem can be solved if they verified the email address before making the account on their website.

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